Welcome to my website.
I’m a writer for the stage and screen, a translator of plays from Portuguese into English and editor of a number of technical books. On this website you’ll find details of my own stage plays which have had a full public performance or a staged reading, as well as plays I’ve translated from the original Portuguese. I’m a full member of the Writers Guild UK, the Kings College London Out of the Wings collective (Spanish and Portuguese theatre in translation) and Actors and Writers London.

Plans for productions during 2020 are on hold due to Covid-19 and the closing of all our theatres and including the Guildford Fringe Festival which was to be held in July. Two bookings for October 2020 remain in place for the present and two others are postponed until 2021.

This is some of my work from 2019:

Armando Nascimento Rosa is a leading Portuguese playwright and winner of numerous awards, with  productions and staged readings of his plays in Madrid, London, New York, Zurich, Rio de Janeiro, New Orleans, Barcelona, Milan, Chicago and Ithaca.

“It’s the voices, boy, the voices.”
He’s a troubled boy, haunted by private terrors. From an early age the only refuge is his intimacy with his demented grandmother Dionisia. They are a conspiracy of two. They are complicit. Faced with a dissaproving and seemingly threatening world, they share a private universe of make-beleive games and songs. 

Are genius and insanity as close as this? These two both spend their lives in different ways as outsiders. Dionisia hears voices in her madness. Fernando as a child is already inventing alter egos which as an adult become the fully fledged fictional “heteronyms” – the many writers under whose names his work is eventually published – and considered among the greatest of the twentieth century.

My translation of Armando Nascimento Rosa’s Menino de Sua Avó (Fernando and his Grandmother) was performed as a staged reading on 31st July at the Omnibus Theatre, Clapham with Dora DaCruz as the Grandmother and Patrick Campbell as Fernando Pessoa, directed by Almiro Andrade – as part of the Out of the Wings Festival 2019. https://ootwfestival.com/fernando-and-his-grandmother/

THE BOTTOM LINE –  It’s closer than you think
“There’s always a Plan B, Prime Minister.”
Have you ever wondered what actually goes on in Whitehall? Who really thought austerity was a good idea? Inside Number 11 Downing Street it’s all cronyism, power play and spin. The Chancellor is the poodle of his spokesman and cuts, greater than ever, are deemed the only response to the crisis.  Out in the real world people are smarter than they think, and as usual, they find their own solutions. The Prime Minister’s been kept in the dark and his own household is feeling the pinch. But there’s one person who isn’t fooled, one person determined to find out what’s really going on, an unlikely hero who’s seeking a real alternative.

THE BOTTOM LINE was performed at the The cornerHOUSE Theatre, Surbiton 18th-20th July 2019 with a cast including Natalie Bell, Peter Brooker, Lulie Bull, Ed Chesterman, Frazer Chesterman,Shonese Howell, Lee Hutchings, Melanie Mortiboys, James Thomson and Michelle Whitehead with original songs, words and music by Flloyd Kennedy.

Nelson Rodrigues anthology
The Oberon Books anthology of new translations of seven plays by Nelson Rodrigues, widely regarded as Brazil’s greatest dramatist is now published.  I’ve shared the translation with Almiro Andrade and Daniel Hahn, and the project has been guided by Ramiro Silveira and Catherine Boyle.

The Nelson Rodrigues Anthology was launched at the Brazilian Embassy in London on 13th and 14th June as part of the Nelson Rodrigues festival with a performance of Wedding Dress (translated by Daniel Hahn) with the writer’s grandson Sacha Rodrigues in attendance.