I’m a writer for the stage and a translator of plays from Portuguese into English. On this website you’ll find details of my own stage plays which have had a full public performance or a staged reading, as well as plays I’ve translated from the original Portuguese. I’m a member of the Writers Guild UK and the Out of the Wings Collective (Spanish and Portuguese theatre in translation).

2023  Fernando Pessoa in India
Armando Nascimento Rosa’s Menino de Sua Avó (Fernando and his Grandmother) is a dramatic duet between Fernando Pessoa and his grandmother Dionísia Seabra. 
My translation into English, first performed in London in 2019 as part of the Out of the Wings festival is now in rehearsal in Bangalore directed by Mayura Baweja with the first performance planned for July 5th at the Bangalore International Centre.

Portugal 2024 – A celebration 
April 25th 2024 will be the 50th Anniversary of the revolution in Portugal which ended the 40 year rule of Antonio Oliveira Salazar with little bloodshed and after some uncertainty, a positive outcome.

A double bill of plays in English is planned for April 2024 at the Omnibus Theatre Clapham (close to London’s “Little Portugal”) and for the same plays in Portuguese at the Museu Aljube (the Museum of Resistance and Revolution) in Lisbon in October.

A Mulher sem Medo by Armando Nascimento Rosa (translated into English as Departure by Susannah Finzi)

A Reputation by Susannah Finzi (translated into Portuguese as Uma Reputacao by Carlos Machado Acabado and Armando Nascimento Rosa).

There will be additional events at Omnibus as part of the London celebration including music, panel sessions and a digital display of some of the fantastic graffitti which appeared on the walls of post-revolution Lisbon in the 1970’s.